thats up bitches

maddylou674: i miss you like baked ham
maddyloi674: i seriously need you back here in fla
maddyloi674: my body longs for yours much do i love her?

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Sorry I havent updated in ninety years but I got big news.
Guess where I am?
I'm going to a boarding school in North Carolina.
Its so nice and I love it.
Ever since my friend Sallys death I've been feeling like crap.
So my parentd decided to change my enviorment.
I love it here in NC but I miss Florida like a muther.

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oh, and heres a pic of my super awesome roommate

her names courtney and u want her bad

class schedule

The perfect, pluperfect, and future perfect cases never cease to amuse me. I will now take the time to post my schedule-as well as an accompanying smiley face to express my opinion of each class-for all the world to see and compare to their own:

1- AP Composition, Mr. Saffold :|

2- Free Period :))))

3- AP US History, Mr. Horner :)

4- AP Calculus, Mr. Wood :(

5- Chemistry, Mr. Chen :))))

6- Yearbook, Ms. Whitney ;(((((

7- AP Spanish, Ms. Gray ;(

So, there it is. The strange face posted next to comp has absolutely nothing to do with comp, its all about Mr. Saffold. That particular smiley was dubbed "bitter", and I guess i'm still a little bitter about not having Mr. Dill. That, and Mr. Saffold can go get run over by a car. The only reason people like him is because he looks like Sean Connery.

here it is

so theres this girl on livejournal that was pretending to be me, right? so im freakin out trying to find out who it is and i fianlly find out its this humungous loser named krissy, wohs my freakin enemy. but turns out i figured out who it is too late. theyve already thinking half the school that im cheating on my boyfriend with a guy named Damien who was my boyfriend but I broke up with over a year ago. So I tried to fix it all but i kinda just screwed it up eevn more. ME and Kyle got in a huge fight about trust and stuff and NEXT to me and him breakin up my best friend Kara is moving away to Boston. Ok I live in Florida right now just so yall know. Yeah something with her fathers job. And guess what guys? MY other best friend Rachel is in Cancun mexico for the whole summer doing some missions thing. Yeah this summers gonna be hard. Oh and I didnt get into the surf competition i signed up for because they "lost my name". Yeah great fun.